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We have learned to consider the cycling not only a sport, but a passion, become essential for all our experiences of technical wear producers.

From 30 years it is our point of departure, a natural instinct to follow, to dress, a continuous and specifies research in to guarantee comfort and performances,it is for most professional athlete, for which the bike are a lifestyle and a continuous challenge, it is for the occasional cyclist that in the bike sees an pleasant amusement that it raises from daily stresses.

Soullimit dresses your passion with a wide range of products, from the most simple to the most technical proposing different stylistic kind of products assuring perspiration and comfort without parallel.

Train even when the weather is not so good.
Soullimit proposes you items for the winter season made of modern and technological materials; they are hot, transpiring and with very visible facing that anticipates new regulations in road safety.

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