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Team Service orders guide

  1. Ask for a quotation of the articles that you are interested. The minimum quantity is 10 pices for article for the bike, running, triathlon line and 10 pieces for ski and winter sport.
  2. Select the graphic solution appropriate to you team or send us your new design or the graphic of your old uniform to refresh.
  3. Send us the vectorial or jpg logos. Download and fill in the forms with all the info needed to make the artwork, more accurate the info we get is, more faster you receive your artwork.
  4. You can receive trial kit for weartest of the differents articles to collect the quantities and sizes you need.
  5. Wehn you will confirm the artwork, the order and wire the deposit, we confirm you the delivery date in maximum 60 days.
  6. For any further info or request please write to info@soullimit.com, phone at +39 0423 467884 or refer to your local agent or distributor.

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