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The snow is perfect, the skis is perfect, the muscles is ready to start, on the track or on the out track , garments an uniform that repairs to you where servants and leaves you to move without impediments where the body demands it.

Not a simple uniform, but Your uniform, that it helps to exceed to you every time, you leaving the others to watch you like come down from an other planet.


Alpin ski brings you to face wind and cold down the slopes, where you run for racing, training or fun.

After testing under any weather condition, we have developed new technical garments guaranteeing the right protection at any temperature, leaving the body free to perspire naturally.

The use of experimental prototypes on race and training fields by professional athletes, brought to outstanding performance improvements and to better comfort in the new articles, now available to them who desire  to enter the tracks wearing a technically advanced equipment.

The desire to discover uncontaminated landscapes, to feel new emotions and to find one's own limits attract the mountain lover to a new sport that opens the horizon to a new world.
Mountaineering Ski, so exciting, from a simple diversion can become a challenge against oneself, thanks to the support given by a sportswear that is the most technical and technological you can wear.

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