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The continuing search for materials and structures allows products to wear comfortable today without sacrìficing high performance techniques.

ITTTAI is a highly innovative produci that allows you to move in perfect synergy with the needs dictated by the movement of the body, thanks to its multi-component:


-quilted fabric

-padding (down or wadding)

The placement of seams and product design quilted in combination with the breathable membrane, can associate the basic features for a head of technical clothing, such as breathability, water resistance and resilience to improved comfort without having to give up the image of a fashion leader.

ITTTAI combined with the right padding, may be the ideal solution against water or wind by solving the annoying problems ofradiation, evaporation, convections.

•breathable power: for wellness sensation, the breathability of ITTTAI facilitates the immediate release of water vapor.

•waterproof and against wind power: you can have a jacket that is not afraid of weather events by the membrane.


-Technical Info-

Outside : Monolitic hidrofile waterproof and breathable membrane of PU Alifatico Internal swelling in extremely low: Textile PA

Outside : wadding 150 pes high insulation, Compotion:70%pes 10%pA 20%Pu Inside microfiber material 100% polyestere

Air Permeability ASTM D 737. Valore 0 Cfm

Resistance to water penetration ISO 811 10000 mm MVTR (dessicant method) 1300 g/m2/24h

Martindale abrasion  ASTM d4966  40000 cicli

P.IVA 04936180266 e C.F. ZRDSFN78T26C111U
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